Working from the heart of rhythm, Zuleikha teaches throughout the world. Zuleikha offers participants a chance to explore the open world of feeling through the physicality of movement. Using world music, chant, and poetry, a spacious atmosphere becomes an invitation to commune with one’s innermost feelings. Dance serves as a vehicle to “let go” and enter the wilderness of the spirit. Movement is a means of bringing the deepest intention into being.

Zuleikha often brings live rhythmic accompaniment to her workshops. Dance and drum share the language of rhythm. Humans participate in ceremonies with movement as a means of intensive learning and communicating with the knowings inside.

“Thank you so much for this great workshop you held at Zenith in Switzerland, for your wonderful teachings and inspirations. It was just what I needed! The right thing at the right time. You’ve helped me experience and realize that there’s no time but now and no place but here.  … Now, two weeks after the workshop, I still feel connected with my whole self, feel one, and in the present moment – and if i lose it for a moment, I notice it quickly and now have a conscious tool to get inside myself again, yet being aware what’s going on outside. Zuleikha, I am very grateful that I got to know you and to be touched by your bright light. I can be a clearer and stronger light myself now. You are so inspiring. And you’re doing great impact on many peoples’ life, I’m sure – you surely did to me. Thank you.” — workshop participant, Zenith Institute, Alps, Switzerland