Zuleikha has conducted women’s healing movement classes and workshops for groups and individuals, for many years. These take different forms:  from single-evening classes or ongoing weekly classes to workshops lasting several days.  Zuleikha feels that, as more and more women learn to enter the stream of inner freedom through the expression of the body, humanity’s relationship to life and the environment can be transformed in a healing direction. No previous dance experience is necessary, only a willingness to experiment with the creative process.

“… thank you for the deep, real, fun, moving, loving, remembering women’s retreat … I had not realized how disconnected from myself I had felt before, but realized it when I finally felt re-connected after a couple of days. The retreat was a wonderful combination of holding us and supporting us and nudging us and pushing us. That’s how one grows–challenged in a safe place. I loved being with women – and women who had been working on themselves for a long time–no pretensions, just wisdom, depth and sincerity.” — workshop participant, Lama Foundation, NM