Zuleikha works with thousands of children and teenagers of many nationalities in the US and abroad. Her enthusiasm and love of dance and innovative use of world stories and rhythms bring young people together in a joyful atmosphere, where they can recognize their common human inheritance and appreciate the wisdom of a diversity of cultures. Teaching at schools, at camps, in orphanages and villages, in makeshift classrooms and outdoors, Zuleikha brings her inspirational gifts of movement arts to children of all ages and circumstances.

As well as having worked as an Artist-in-Residence in the state of New Mexico, Zuleikha performs and works with groups of youth throughout the world, including the Peace Jam Gathering with Nobel Peace Prize winners, with six city high schools in Kolkata, India as part of the “Teach Peace to Reach Peace” collaboration of Fulbright alumni, and in high schools and elementary schools in Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Israel, Norway, South America and the United States.