Movement Exploration Seminar with Zuleikha
Sunday, June 12, 2022
10 AM – 12 PM

By donation* on Zoom.
Suggested donation $45, sliding scale available.

How do we flow when life is harsh? What breaks open places in us that have no life energy?
Find the flow in the midst of the parched heart. How do we do this? Drop into our bodies. Find the place in the body where we can feel again.

On earth it is water
streams, rivers, oceans, springs, wells, ponds and marshes.
In people it is vitality,
the root of essence and life, the body of blood and flesh.

—Lu Hsui-ching, Early Taoist Master (466-477)

*Donations support The Storydancer Project. TSP is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization offering transformative performance, movement and self-care practices that restore vitality and cultivate joy, for positive change in the face of adversity.


Wear comfortable clothes.

Photo Credit: @ Dmitry Kichenko