Recent Workshops

“I am still feeling the nourishment from the workshop! I got to experience the expansiveness of the universe in this tiny little body. Such a blessing that you are and what you do!”

Patricia Duncan, Workshop Participant

“Everything felt connected…body/mind/spirit/heart. I often compartmentalize these areas…thankful for your classes bringing them all together.”

Workshop Participant

Recent Seminars for Healthcare Professionals

“Thank you so much, the staff was so happy and reported feeling so much better today. We all appreciate you so much and look forward to continued work with you.”

Alleyne Toya, Indian Health Services, Albuquerque Department of Health and Human Services

“Dear Zuleikha, Your continuing dedication towards cancer patients and their families has had a positive impact on our community.”

David Canzone, Vice President, IMF Integrative Medicine Foundation

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Zuleikha offers Online Sessions for Businesses, Teams, NGOs, Agencies, Schools, Health Care Centers & More

“Thank you so much for your practices on Saturday. They set the tone for our day, woke people up and brought everyone into their bodies and hearts.”

Tracy Cates, Director of Communications, Lama Foundation