SHILPA HOME (2006-2008, Sri Lanka) Movement and wellness classes for 60 girls and staff trainings.
SHILPA CHILDREN’S TRUST (2006-2008, Colombo & South, Sri Lanka) Training program for educators and social workers working with those who have been devastated by the tsunami and civil war. This program is designed for wellness and trauma relief, building resiliency and capacity through movement and exercise.
SRI YASODARA ORPHANAGE FOR GIRLS (2003-2008, Sri Lanka) Movement classes for ages 4-18 with Girl Leadership program and staff trainings.
GIRL TO GIRL PROGRAM – Shilpa Children’s Trust, Sri Lanka, Katherine Delmar Burke School, San Francisco, and Project View (Stanford University), Palo Alto, CA (2008). GIRL to GIRL is an intercultural, international program for teenage girls in digital storytelling and movement. GIRL to GIRL connects groups of teenage girls from two very different places on the globe using a unique curriculum of movement, story and Internet technology.
PEACEMAKER CIRCLE and HOLYLAND TRUST (2004, Bethlehem West Bank and Tel Aviv, Israel). Core wellness movement sessions and presentations for: Schneider Children’s Hospital Petach Tikvah, Israel; Holy Land Trust Women’s Wellness Center, School and After-school programs for teenage students, and daily program for kindergarten children in refugee site; Dar Al Kalima School, Children’s Defense Fund, St. Joseph’s School & more.
ARAVIND EYE HOSPITAL (2008-2009, Madurai, India). Using TSP Core Wellness exercises, a program in self-care and renewal for hospital staff to reduce stress, increase focus and promote health and well-being.
PALLIKOODAM SCHOOL (2004-2007, Kerala, India). Program for school children, grades 5-8 in rhythmic exercises, nature concentration, creativity development and rhythmic and movement expression.