The Storydancer Project™ (TSP) adapts its programs to the communities we serve. We are finding that our work to encourage health in body, mind and spirit can be helpful in many different situations of suffering – families and patients dealing with the devastation of cancer, school children struggling to learn, girls and women facing isolation, poverty, domestic violence and health issues, caregivers trying to find more energy to move through their day – these are just some of the circumstances into which TSP brings its rejuvenating programs. We are invited to bring our innovative approach into each partner community. A real partnership is formed that facilitates maximum learning and growth for each individual in the context of cultural

settings and life circumstances. For instance, some communities are currently more interested in exercise programs that promote health, strength and character; other communities are interested in movement and creativity programs; many are interested in Train the Trainer programs for their staff, which create sustainability for these beneficial programs in the community for years to come. All programs are designed to promote learning through joy and awareness and to develop a more positive and resilient sense of self.