The Storydancer Project (TSP), a non-profit international artistic health resource organization, serves girls, women, children and families facing challenging life circumstances by providing innovative Core Wellness Exercise and Movement Arts programs and trainings that foster and enliven greater health, self-esteem, resilience and leadership. TSP is a 501(c)(3) organization, based in Santa Fe, NM, which offers its programs free of charge. TSP works in partnership with organizations and communities locally and globally. We particularly focus on collaborating to create sustainable, train-the-trainer programs that provide the most effective long-term support for our partnering communities.


TSP’s Core Wellness Exercise and Movement Arts Model incorporates exercise, movement, rhythm, music and story to develop a resilient and enlivened sense of self, strengthen participants’ connection to their bodies and establish a sound foundation for joy and health.


TSP was created in 2001 by Zuleikha to address the lack of wellness education and resources for girls and women locally and internationally and to bring rejuvenation, leadership and self-care skills to girls, women, children and families facing challenging life circumstances such as poverty, illness, war, and natural disasters.

Based on Founder/Executive Director Zuleikha’s experience as a wellness and movement educator, storyteller and performer, TSP’s programs were designed to offer a simple but effective technology of movement, exercise, rhythm, music and story that empowers girls, children and women in need to become creative agents for positive change. From our commitment to this ongoing vision, TSP has developed the Core Wellness Exercise and Movement Arts Model, and currently provides the following programs:
-Girls’ and Women’s Leadership Trainings
-Women’s Self-Care and Resiliency Trainings
-Palliative Care Trainings and Programs
-Community Renewal Programs, including healthy lifestyle lecture and discussions, women’s exercise programs, teacher self-care, self-care, resiliency, exercise and literacy programs for elementary school children.