NEWS ANNOUNCEEMENT: February 8-10, 2013, Bengaluru, (Bangalore), India

at the 20th International Conference of the Indian Association of Palliative Care *IAPCCON

The “Free Paper Oral Presentation” prize was awarded to Zuleikha based upon the presentation of her research project Relaxation Therapeutic Health Exercise Program (RTHEP©) in an ongoing partnership with the Delhi organization CanSupport and her non-profit organization The Storydancer Project (TSP). RTHEP©, created and developed by Zuleikha/TSP, is an initiative that arose from the needs of cancer patients and their families looked after by the home based palliative care teams of CanSupport. RTHEP© is being implemented today by a group of CanSupport Home Care Team counselors trained by Zuleikha/TSP. The Home Care Teams, each comprised of a doctor, nurse and counselor, offer palliative care to patients with advanced cancer and their family caregivers in all sectors of Delhi and the National Capital Region. Since the services are aimed at the most needy and underserved, they are provided free of charge.

Special thanks to Dr. Ambika Rajvanshi, Chief Executive Officer of CanSupport, for her help and direction with putting the presentation together, to CanSupport for their teamwork and support, and to the staff of TSP for their collaboration, commitment and ongoing creative work.  Photo left – Zuleikha with Dr. Ambika Rajvanshi, Chief Executive Officer of CanSupport

The Storydancer Project, a USA based non-profit international artistic health resource organization, offers its programs free of charge to the people it serves. CanSupport – Caring for people with cancer and their families in and around Delhi, and visit CanSupport on Facebook