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ENTER THE BODY HOUSE Through the Heart of Love

Movement, rhythm, melody, feeling, and expression are doorways into the Mystery of the Heart of Love. There are many schools of meditation. And inside the schools, there are many steps. Things we feel, concentrate upon, learning to feel within our hearts. Sometimes we find our heart is closed. Then what can we do? Sometimes we start with a movement or with a feeling. Sometimes we use rhythm as a foundation, or melody. Any kind of feeling is fuel for this fire of Love. This is a wonder, and an invitation to join an embodied practice. It doesn’t matter what kind of shape you think you are in or not in. It is the willingness to try something that is simply fun, deep, a way of learning, and an expression of our secret heart. A Heart of Love.

ORIGINAL HARMONY – A Movement Retreat

When we move from the feeling of Original Harmony, that which seems separate returns to wholeness. To me, moving inside of Original Harmony feels like the home of body-mind-heart and spirit, a divine intelligence. When we melt into this way of learning, movement takes on the simple practice of moment to moment, permission to explore, and the heart feeling through it all.

This house of the body, the beautiful instrument we are given at birth, loves to move. It doesn’t require high athletics, though that could be fun for some. For others, moving slowly in spacious awareness feels freeing. If you have never tried a movement retreat at home, it’s simple. There is no “how to do it right.” Join me as we explore spaciousness in movement, using music, poetry and writing in the land of Original Harmony.

IN BRIGHT PRESENCE – Movement as Painting

Many years ago, I began to study a Chinese text about the Tao of Painting. It mentioned that if a student wanted to paint in the way of simplicity, they should study the lines of complexity. “Bury your brush again and again.”

It admonished the student to learn all of the lines. I was inspired. I began to work in my studio, using space as the multidimensional canvas. I was inspired to use my limbs and joints of the body as paintbrushes, in different duets. I began to use the inward visualization of light for the paint. Being a student of inner awareness, I now apply these techniques of art and presence into the study of Movement as Painting, and invite you to join me in this amazing work of Art.

INTO THE BOUNDLESS HEART A Lama Foundation Retreat

Q: What if I always wanted to move, and never have—can I do this?

A: We start where we are. Since there is nothing to accomplish, there is nothing to worry about.

Q: I am tired of the computer, I wish we could do without having to always watch our screens.

A: I have set up the Zoom system, after we join in a few warm up exercises, you can listen to the music, follow the pointers, and move into exploration. This way none of us have to watch our screens and try to move!

A few words from my heart to yours: As we know, life here on Earth is challenging. And it is beautiful. We live in-between. As the founder of the Dances of Universal Peace, the Murshid Samuel Lewis wrote in his poem Saladin: “Abandon all tension ye who enter here/For tension is the preventative of bliss…./Then light from a ceaseless sun invigorates the being…./Breath from a hidden source arouses energies/Great, exceedingly great this joy.”

EMBODIED HEART – A Movement Intensive

This new life, everyone wondering what to do—if we should go, if we should stay? All of this worrying and scurrying can lead us into the mire of being frozen, contracted in the middle of life itself. Zuleikha has taken movement into places where people are in the depths of despair. And she has moved through these places in herself. She says, “Often, when I move, the concrete inside turns to water, and my heart breaks open into a free zone. You don’t have to know how, show up and begin.”

With her gentle pointers, and invitations into the body and the spirit, one can find a pathway into the freedom of expression. Whether you are fine or have been ill, there is a rhythm flow that is your own.

Join us, Sunday June 27. Take the time to dance out the madness, the sadness, the creativity, the beauty. Dance into the heart of wonder, the grief of the earth, the tune of your Spirit.


In the garden of the heart dance, Delve into the depth of feeling, Express that which cannot be expressed. We move through the garden doorway. We feel, we make sound, we write, from the Garden of the Heart.

World music and poetry from the mystics inspire this retreat into Movement Exploration.

MOVE IN-TUNE WITH YOURSELF – Sharing Ease with Passion

Moving from a felt-sense

Cultivating a body with ease

Tuning in

Resting in the new view

Writing with the body

Sounding from the heart

RESTORING WHOLENESS IN TURBULENT TIMES – Nurses Retreat (Zoom Awake Network) & RESTORING WHOLENESS IN THE MIDST OF A PANDEMIC Nourishment for Frontline Nurses (Zoom – Johns Hopkins Hospital nurses) Zuleikha with nurse and professor, Cynda Rushton

Nurses have met the challenges of the pandemic with competence, compassion and sorrow. The toll will likely be unknown for some time. This retreat offers nurses working at the front lines an opportunity to pause, reflect and nurture their bodies, minds and hearts.

Together we will explore the burdens and gifts that have arisen during the pandemic and beyond. Using movement, music and reflective practice we will explore what we are carrying, what no longer serves and how we can find wholeness among the broken pieces. Participants will apply skills and tools that can be used in everyday practice to meet inevitable challenges of their work.