“Zuleikha…The comedy, grief, longing, silliness, and joy of being human come through her beautiful, very intelligent, very funny presentations. She has been apprenticed to many traditions, almost all of them, but her combining is unique.” — Coleman Barks, poet and translator of Rumi
Inspirational performing artist and storydancer, Zuleikha, a whirlwind of spirit, rhythm, and dance, transports her audiences with stories of nature, world lore and life itself.
Unique and provocative, Zuleikha’s soul-stirring one-woman performances combine creative expression with embodiment of story, dance, rhythm, mimicry and humor. The stories, animals and feelings she dances bring delight as she mirrors the journey of the soul. In the mesmerizing flow of living traditions and the humor and sparkle of the ancients, Zuleikha reveals the soul of our common humanity.

 “Zuleikha has pioneered a new and wonderfully expressive way of moving in rhythm. Combined with her great ‘expressivity’ and dynamism as a performer she creates a powerful visual and aural experience. To see her in performance is absolutely necessary for anyone interested in the art of dance and music.” — Glen Velez, master world drummer
“I would not have believed that one slender form moving across a stage could hold 400 people spellbound for an entire evening — until I saw Zuleikha. She is far more than a dancer. Through movement, performance, and storytelling, her art carries us into new realms of myth and meaning.” — Diane Skafte, Ph.d., Pacifica Graduate Institute