ORIGINAL HARMONY – A Zoom Movement Retreat with Zuleikha

10AM – 1PM Mountain Standard Time
(6PM Paris Time, 9AM Pacific Time, 12PM Eastern Time)

Where is the harmony that we love~
Underneath or up above?
When we have fright,
things don’t feel right.
Contracting makes the thoughts small,
or maybe it seems we know nothing at all!
When we feel grand,
it seems we expand.
Where is the harmony that we love?

When we move from the feeling of Original Harmony, that which seems separate returns to wholeness. To me, moving inside of Original Harmony feels like the home of body-mind-heart and spirit, a divine intelligence.

When we melt into this way of learning, movement takes on the simple practice of moment to moment, permission to explore, and the heart feeling through it all.

This house of the body, the beautiful instrument we are given at birth, loves to move. It doesn’t require high athletics, though that could be fun for some. For others, moving slowly in spacious awareness feels freeing.

If you have never tried a movement retreat at home, it’s simple. There is no “how to do it right.” Join me as we explore spaciousness in movement, using music, poetry and writing in the land of Original Harmony.

photo – ©Faye Cornish /Unsplash.com