Heart Matters at Zenith

In late July, Zuleikha goes to Zenith Institute in the Italian Swiss Alps with HEART MATTERS, her BodyListening© MAP Movement Awareness Practice seminar. Join Zuleikha this summer in the Alps where mountains meet the sky and there is room for inner space to unfold.

JULY 20-25, 2015 ZULEIKHA Seminar


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Heart Matters at Zenith Camp

Delhi, India, Feb. 8 2015
CanSupport’s 8th Walk For Life—for those in remission, those living with cancer, and those honored ones who have left—is a miraculous event, and this year I was asked to perform! What an honor. Through the partnership of TSP with CanSupport, I work with so many of the people who were celebrated and remembered, as well as all the doctors, nurses, counselors, and office staff. [line-sep]
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I was inspired to create a costume with the CanSupport bags, and it worked out amazingly well. The Cutting and Tailoring teacher at the Hope Project, one of our other partnering organizations, helped to sew this. All the women were looking at me very strangely, wondering what in the world I would do with all of these bags. When I modeled it for them, they were laughing and saying “oh, very good!” When I got on stage, I realized that the colors of the day were blue, yellow and red, and that somehow those were the colors I had chosen to wear.
[quoteicon author=”Harmala Gupta, Honorary Founder & President, CanSupport“]Dear Zuleikha, thank you so much for a riveting performance.[/quoteicon]