February 12. 2013. It’s early in the morning in Delhi, India. I have been here since the New Year, and am in the midst of several projects:
– Self care with girls and women through Core Wellness Exercises
– Training palliative care counselors in my new Relaxation Therapeutic Health Exercise Program © For Palliative Cancer Patients and their Families.

I have been invited by the World Buddhist Culture Trust to teach “A Day of Fun and Wellness with Storydancer Zuleikha” in a village school on the outskirts of Delhi.

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This is a very poor village. It is about one and a half hours outside of the main city of Delhi. The World Buddhist Culture Trust does a free medical camp/clinic in this area. They wanted to have a program specifically for the children, who have not had exposure to the idea of fun through exercises. The Trust knows of my work, and invited me to create this daylong event.

This morning, we drive down a lane, surrounded by mustard plants. Ah, it is so very nice to see fields of green after being inside Delhi slum areas for so many weeks. Winter is ending and spring is arriving. The air is getting a lot warmer.

The school takes place in both indoor and outdoor classrooms.  As we arrive, we see some of the students sitting outside on blankets, with a teacher’s desk in front of the children.The space is basically a flat piece of dusty land, a little like Arizona. Class by class, I work with them in running, jumping, stretching, and some simple exercises.  Everyone laughing, laughing. Contagious joy spontaneously erupts during the exercises. Everyone – the principal, teachers, members of the World Buddhist Culture Trust and friends – enjoys being together in this enthusiastic feeling. It is unanimous – everyone present wants to repeat this “Day of Fun and Wellness” next year.

Feb 12, 2013  © Swan Lake Publishing