INTO THE BOUNDLESS HEART A Lama Foundation Retreat
Q: What if I always wanted to move, and never have—can I do this?
A: We start where we are. Since there is nothing to accomplish, there is nothing to worry about.
Q: I am tired of the computer, I wish we could do without having to always watch our screens.
A: I have set up the Zoom system, after we join in a few warm up exercises, you can listen to the music, follow the pointers, and move into exploration. This way none of us have to watch our screens and try to move!
A few words from my heart to yours: As we know, life here on Earth is challenging. And it is beautiful. We live in-between. As the founder of the Dances of Universal Peace, the Murshid Samuel Lewis wrote in his poem Saladin: “Abandon all tension ye who enter here/For tension is the preventative of bliss…./Then light from a ceaseless sun invigorates the being…./Breath from a hidden source arouses energies/Great, exceedingly great this joy.”