March 2015
This year our partnership with The Hope Project in the Nizamuddin Basti, Delhi, India, includes ongoing work with the  community women’s Self Help Groups, training for the Girls Non-Formal School, sessions in the Health Clinic, and regular work with the Mobile Health Unit.

We are seeing results of the Core Wellness Exercise idea taking root here along with the Master Trainers program. The women being trained are beginning to understand how to teach the exercises and which exercises help for which problems. The community is beginning to see the benefits. This is really a big deal in a place like this, where self-care is not even a notion in the list of priorities.

Anyone who enjoys moving knows that it ‘frees up the heart’ and the body follows. What I have been doing here is to break simple movements all the way down to how to move very easily through the joints, connecting the joint movements. This leads into fluid full body movement without trying to look a certain way.

When we add sense of humor and connection with each other, something happens. Often people say it is a magical feeling, because everyone is surprised to feel relief. Yet it is not magical in practice. I think the magic is the connection with other human beings, coupled with a humorous way of sharing the information, creating an atmosphere of ease.

Even in the poorest circumstances, I have seen ease unfold.

~ Zuleikha©